1. What information about the client should indicate when registering on the site?

Starting to interact with the company, users enter their data into the registration form on the portal:

  • email address;
  • bank card and qiwi wallet details for transferring funds.

This information will be available on the site during the entire time of work with the organization.

  1. How can this information be used?

The company uses user data to:

  • the technical support department worked better;
  • send new information about the organization"s services to users" e-mail;
  • to analyze the effectiveness of the functioning of the service for the services offered;
  • the administration of the service and customers could quickly resolve important issues;
  • promptly respond and eliminate the actions of fraudsters.
  1. Who may have access to confidential customer information?

All user data that they leave on the site during registration is not disclosed. However, there are a number of exceptions: disclosure of information by a court order, a request from law enforcement agencies, during the sale or reorganization of a company.

  1. How are cookies used?

4.1 What are text cookies for?

Cookies remember everything a user does on websites and store this information on a computer device. Using these files, portal employees have information about the area of interest of visitors, analyzing the options they have chosen. Thus, the site management adjusts the content in accordance with the preferences of users, making cooperation with them more convenient.

The site uses different types of cookies:

  • statistical files are those files with which you can identify visitors, collect information about the operations they carry out on the portals;
  • technical files - text files that provide customers with access to the portal services, recognize the type of browser and programs used to manage the computer, diagnose errors in the network;
  • functional files provide a more comfortable interaction with the site, due to the ability to remember the parameters selected by the user (language, location, etc.);
  • advertising files are text files that are used to determine information about the traffic source, the number of visits, portal visitors and ad views.

4.2 How long can cookies be stored on a computer?

The storage time of text files on a computer depends on their type. But in any case, it cannot be more than the period necessary to complete specific tasks. After this period is over, the data from the computer will automatically disappear.

4.3 Who else can access the information in the text files?

The Service has the right to use data collection systems and analytics systems of third parties (third parties) on the website in order to improve the services provided and the quality of the website. The data collected by such systems is used by them in accordance with their regulations.

If the visitor enters the portal for the first time, then he is required to give consent or refusal to use his data. Having agreed at first, he may change his mind by deleting these files from his browser.

The next time you log in to the portal, you will be prompted to use the cookie again. If you ignore this suggestion, you will no longer be able to manage certain features of the site, which will reduce the quality of your online experience.

Pixel tags help Yandex gain access to text files on users" computers. As a result, the search engine can carry out:

  • collection of statistical data in order to improve the quality of functioning of Yandex portals and programs;
  • recognition of user manipulations on the portal.
  1. Guarantee the security of customer data

Portal employees have developed certain guarantees for the protection of personal information of customers, which help to reduce the likelihood of accounts being hacked by fraudsters. However, due to the rapid development of technology, there is no complete assurance of protection. Customers should follow best practices to use only complex passwords, store them securely, and not disclose them to others.

If the client finds that an outsider has logged into his account, then you need to promptly notify the technical service employees about this in order to take the necessary measures in a timely manner.