Affiliate program

Several levels for earning with us!
from the profit of the service from applications submitted by referrals of the first level. These include system participants who were personally invited by the user.
from the profit of the service from the applications of second-level referrals. These include customers of the service who were invited by referrals of a particular user.

Affiliate program of online service Coinblinker

Services for virtual money exchange are provided with favorable conditions for joint work.

The site operates an affiliate two-level program, whose referrals receive profit not only through transactions made by the attracted user, but also through the referral invited by the participant.

The level occupied by a partner affects the amount of remuneration accrued to him. A participant invited by a first-level referral receives *15% of the service profit, *5% - income received by a second-level referral.

Operations that do not bring income to the resource are not taken into account when determining the amount of income and are called an exchange with additional contribution of funds. The surcharge is paid by the exchange service.

 In order to start earning income, you need to register as a partner on our website. A new member registers in his personal account, where he receives all the necessary promotional materials and links to attract new partners.

In the event that the exchanger receives an income of less than 15%, the rewards for the affiliate program are not charged.

Referral program rewards can be withdrawn when a partner has invited five or more participants, and each of the five participants must make at least one successful invitation.

Information for referrals

Any Internet user has the opportunity to become a partner of the referral program, for which you need to register. After that, promotional materials and a link for inviting referrals become available to the new participant.

It is allowed to place, at your choice, on various Internet resources, more than 20 advertising images of different sizes.

The best terms of service for new partners are provided by the Coinblinker service.

The referral level of participants determines the amount of their income:

  • if the referral level is the first, the partner who invited him will receive 15% of the amount of income;
  • the amount of remuneration from the participant of the second level - 5%.

In the event that a currency exchange operation is carried out with an additional deposit of funds, or as a result of which a loss occurs, income is not accrued. It takes 48 hours to process applications for affiliate payouts.

* Attention! One user cannot use his affiliate link to create new accounts, and it is also prohibited to send multiple messages in order to promote his affiliate link and promotional materials on pyramids, boxes, hypes, surfs and similar platforms. In case of violation of the terms of the Referral Program, the administration of the resource has the right to liquidate partner bonuses or freeze the referral"s account.

Features of the discount program

The discount system developed by Coinblinker is cumulative. Its size is determined by the total number of operations that the referral made for the entire period of using the site. A discount of 0.05% is provided to each newcomer after registration and start of work. In the process of further work, the percentage of the discount increases depending on the number of operations performed by the partner. The size and categories of the accumulative discount are presented in the table below. *A prerequisite for obtaining a discount is authorization on the site before the start of exchange operations.

* Calculation of the accumulative system is carried out in US dollars

*The administration of the service reserves the right to change the terms of remuneration in the affiliate program.

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