Shiba Inu is threatened by the competitors of the two meme coins


The Shiba Inu virtual currency, as of last year, rose to over 49 million%. Since then, the founders of the cryptocoin have tried to raise the value of the market segment by:

  • distributed exchange downloads;
  • launch tokens (NFTs) that are not fungible;
  • the introduction of additional blockchains and a crypto coin undergoing beta testing.

The cost of Shiba Inu at the time of writing was 0.00002682.

To ensure the capitalization of the market system, it is necessary to raise the rate by 33,000%. Conditions for increasing indicators by a hundred times provide an opportunity to generate a transformation of funds in the segment by 1.67 trillion dollars. The data is equated to the value of the cryptocurrency system, which is $1.81 trillion.

As an alternative, two coins were presented that carry low value indicators, while having the ability to give out a five-fold increase in the percentage of values.

Performed tokens:

  1. Samoyedcoin issued on the Solana platform. The coin has been a virtual asset for novice cryptocurrency users. The number of tokens as a result amounted to 9.2 billion. Since the beginning of the organization, three project burns have been implemented in order to maintain value. The volume of market capitalization amounted to 74 million dollars.
  2. MonaCoin, which is a mining token that has a decentralized platform with a free source. The platform was organized using Litecoin. The coin is especially popular in Japan. The payment system refers to the basic functionality of the project. For miners who participate in supporting the operation of the network, Mona is a settlement virtual coin. The capitalization of the market segment is $66 million.

Given the significant growth in the level of indicators of these cryptocoins, they have significant prospects as competitors.