Real estate investment in Tbilisi and Istanbul.

What are the requirements for investing cryptocurrencies in real estate, for example, in Georgia:

  • The conditions for buying real estate for residents of foreign countries are almost the same as for local residents.
  • A resident of any country can become the owner of the property, or there can even be several owners at the same time.
  • To complete the transaction, only a passport is required from the documents.
  • It is possible to purchase real estate remotely by drawing up a sale and purchase agreement in advance and transferring the required amount to the accounts of the seller"s company.
  • Payment can be made on behalf of the company and from its current account.
  • All stages of the purchase can be completed without leaving Moscow.
  • There are no real estate taxes in Georgia.

For investors, an important issue is how to choose a property and how to understand the legal aspects. Nowadays, there is no need to look for and hire a lawyer, as we offer a full range of services to support the transaction at every stage. From selection to payment, you will be in contact with professionals experienced in investing cryptocurrencies in real estate.

The mild climate of the popular resort cities of Georgia and Turkey creates favorable conditions for investing digital assets in their real estate. At the moment, these countries are one of the most promising areas for investment in the world.

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